Chocolats Favoris

Chocolats Favoris was founded in 1979 in Lévis, Quebec, and is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The company, based on homemade and handcrafted techniques, has been recognized for 40 years for its high-quality chocolate and for its ice cream dips made from pure chocolate, now available in 12 unique flavors. In 2013, the Quebec-based businessman Dominique Brown left his spot as president of Beenox, the video game company he created at 21 years old, to devote himself full-time to chocolate. The team launched a new image, a new and unique concept for a magical shop and a product unique in the world: the now famous Chocolats Favoris chocolate fondue. Chocolats Favoris now includes 49 chocolate shops, 42 of them in the province of Quebec, 6 in Ontario, and one in British-Columbian, and continues its quest to conquer the world!
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